Why I went veggie... part 1


If you're thinking of going veggie and are keen to know why other young people made the same choice, read on. If you are already veggie you can add your views by contacting us: education@vegsoc.org. We can't guarantee to use everything that we are sent but will always reply to your messages.



"I became vegetarian by accident. I had never liked eating meat because I knew it was a dead animal but I was raised eating it. Then, one day after school, my Biology teacher offered extra credit to watch a movie called "Earthlings", which she had never seen, only heard about. After seeing the movie, seven out of the eight people who watched it became vegetarian. The movie showed everything an animal can go through in a slaughterhouse, and I cried and cried both during and after it. After going home, I felt sick to my stomach looking at the chicken my mom had made for dinner and just couldn't eat it. I had never seriously thought to become a vegetarian but told myself that if I could make it through the weekend without eating meat, then I would become veggie. I did it and after a while my friends were all very interested and they too became vegetarian soon after. We all reserached together and realised by becoming vegetarian we were helping not only the animals, but the environment and our bodies too! I'm proud to be a vegetarian and now can look at my cat and not feel hen guilty!" - Katie (14)

"I first became a vegetarian to see how long it would last, but after reading a couple of things and watching a couple of things I realised they kill animals and killing things is murder, and murder is wrong!" - Lottie

"My mum and dad were vegan long before I was born, I've always been vegan, all my life. It's just normal."
- Aidan Jeavons (8)


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