Lisa Simpson stopped eating meat after stroking a lamb at a petting zoo. With the help of Apu, Paul and Linda McCartney, she committed to vegetarianism.

Compassion for farmed animals

The majority of people become vegetarian because they believe it is wrong to kill animals for food, and because they are opposed to the cruelty and pain inflicted upon the billions of farmed animals.

In the UK alone, over two million land animals are slaughtered each day, and almost 600,000 tonnes of fish each year, just so that people can eat their flesh or wear their skin.

The process of getting a piece of ‘meat’ onto an individual’s dinner plate is the result of much stress and suffering for any animal. A lot of people find it particularly upsetting to view images, or even to read about, the average life experience of a farmed animal. It’s not pleasant, and it can make for a stomach-churning read.  It may even put  a person off their roast beef or pork chops! For those who wish to read more about it, click on the links below and please prepare yourself for the gruesome facts. 

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Warning: some of this information may not be suitable for very young readers!

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Going veggie for the animals
Going veggie...for the animals

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