Veg of the month

As big fans of vegetables we felt some of them needed a bit more attention. So here are a few of our favourites. Most of these can now be found in the shops all year round, but they are freshest (and cheapest) during the selected months. And if you are lucky enough to be able to grow your own, these are usually the times that they'll be ready for carrotsharvesting.

Have a look at our UK Seasonal Veg Table to find out what's in season and what's not.


arrowJanuary - Beetroot

arrowFebruary - Swede

arrowMarch - Potato

arrowApril - Cauliflower

arrowMay - Broad Bean

arrowJune - Peas

arrowJuly - Garlic

arrowAugust - Marrow

arrowSeptember - Carrot

arrowOctober - Broccoli

arrowNovember - Parsnip

arrowDecember - Brussels Sprout


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