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School children in classWelcome to the Schools Good Practice Network. Our intention is to use this space to highlight the good practice, stories and ideas from nurseries, schools, colleges and youth organisations from around the country.

If you have had any successes that you would be willing to share with other practitioners, then this is the place to do it! For example, you may have run food tech lessons that have gone particularly well, or a religious education, PSHE, sustainability or climate science class that's had positive outcomes. Alternatively, changes you’ve made to your lunch menus may have improved your healthy eating targets, increased school meals take up, or reduced your catering costs.

Show others how you have included the vegetarian ethos within your school. 

We can arrange media and image release forms, distribution and promotion, and we will clearly accredit any work carried out by you and your organisation.

Send your articles, menus or lesson plans  to If possible please include any images, photographs or illustrations (a picture being worth a thousand words....).


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