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The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity. Our job is to help people learn more about vegetarianism by providing accurate and interesting information and resources.

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All our materials are free within the UK. However, as a small charity, any donations would be much appreciated.

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Food Comparison Poster1 2013Food comparisons poster (1)

A2 poster illustrating how various foods compare to each other.
This first, in a series of two posters, covers Iron, Protein, Calcium and Fat. 

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Food comparisons vitaminsFood comparisons poster (2)

A2 poster illustrating how various foods compare to each other.
This first, in a series of two posters, covers Vitamins.

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Project book for schoolsVegetarianism: a project book for schools

This revised and re-designed resource is ideal for students aged 11-16 and it fits into a wide range of curriculum areas including science, food, citizenship, health and social care.

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Balance of good health posterBalance of good health poster

A2 poster showing the typical daily requirements of each food group

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Why its green to go vegetarianWhy it's green to go vegetarian

Fully referenced information booklet on why a vegetarian diet is good for the environment

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Why it's green to go vegetarian quiz

What we choose to eat can be one of the biggest factors on the environment.

                         Test how much you know. (55 KB)

Healthy eating for vegetariansHealthy eating for vegetarians

A simple leaflet covering basic vegetarian nutrition

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QuizHealthy eating quiz

Test how much you know (42 KB)

Going veggieGoing veggie...

The essential guide to going, being and staying vegetarian covers everything an aspiring veggie needs to know, including what a vegetarian is, how to take the first steps, nutrition and even doing the big shop as a veggie.

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Vegetarian fact sheetQuick lesson ideas

Ideas and background information for studying vegetariainsm across the curriculum.  

Available only via the following downloads:


Quick vegetarian facts: pdf iconFact sheet 1, pdf iconFact sheet 2

pdf icon'What is a vegetarian?' worksheet, pdf iconPrimary quick lesson ideas,

pdf iconEat your colours worksheet, pdf icon5 a day worksheet, pdf iconRevision sheet


Go veggie for the tasteGoing veggie...for the taste

A recipe booklet packed with mouth-watering, nutritionally balanced recipes. These recipes are, colourful, varied and perfect for all year round.

Download a copy (1.28 MB)


Going veggie...for the animalsGoing veggie...for the animals

Many people stop eating meat because of concerns over the way animals are killed for food and this leaflet highlights the extent of animal slaughter in the UK. Going veggie...for the animals looks at all kinds of farmed animals, their lifespan and conditions they live in before being slaughtered.

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Environment leaflet Going veggie...for the environment

An introduction to why going vegetarian for the environment is a positive choice

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Going veggie...for healthGoing veggie...for health and wellbeing

A balanced vegetarian diet is healthy and nutritious and this leaflet shows why.

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Food comparisons postcardsFood comparisons postcards

Set of 3 postcards comparing iron, protein and B12

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Young Veggie GuideYoung veggie guide

A guide aimed at young people, aged 12 and under, who are vegetarian or thinking of going vegetarian. Full of information, advice, facts and recipes

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A nation of animal lovers?

Flyer to support our Butcher's Cat campaign. Only available as a download.

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100% vegetarian stickersVegetarian Society stickers

100% vegetarian


Summary sheets

pdf iconWhy it's green to go vegetarian (46 KB)

pdf iconAnimal welfare (53 KB)


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