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The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity. Our job is to help people learn more about vegetarianism by providing accurate and interesting information and resources.

arrowIf you're a parent looking for information on vegetarian nutrition then you can read our basic nutrition page, where you can also find links to further information sheets, or alternatively order a booklet below.

arrowIf you are looking for vegetarian themed reading books for your child then have a look at our booklist.

arrowFill in the order form to order any of the resources below or call us directly on 0161 925 2000. Many of the resources are also available to download.

All our materials are free within the UK. However, as a small charity, any donations would be much appreciated.

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Environment leaflet Going veggie...for the environment

An introduction to why going vegetarian for the environment is a positive choice

Download a copy (3.78 MB)




Going veggie...for the animalsGoing veggie...for the animals

Many people stop eating meat because of concerns over the way animals are killed for food and this leaflet highlights the extent of animal slaughter in the UK. Going veggie...for the animals looks at all kinds of farmed animals, their lifespan and conditions they live in before being slaughtered.

Download a copy (1.34 MB)



Going veggie...for healthGoing veggie...for health and wellbeing

A balanced vegetarian diet is healthy and nutritious and this leaflet shows why.

Download a copy (1.66 MB)





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