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The Vegetarian Society is an educational charity. We're here to provide accurate and interesting information to anyone who wants to learn more about vegetarianism. 

As we have a large number of booklets, leaflets, posters and postcards available to order, we've divided these up into easy sections for you to browse. We have:

Resources for young people: In this section you'll find booklets on everything from recipes to going veggie to student resources and basic nutrition.

Resources for parents: In this section you'll find booklets offering advice and guidance if your child decides to go veggie, there's recipes and helpful posters and booklets on vegetarian nutrition.

Resources for teachers: In this section you'll find quick lesson ideas, project book for schools, fun quizzes for you students, information on why people go veggie and posters for the classroom.

Campaign resources: In this section you can find the latest booklets on our fish campaign, Butchers Cat, Parmesan campaign and many more.

You can order any of our resources online today.

You can also browse our book list which gives you loads of ideas on veggie friendly books for all ages.


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