Lisa Simpson stopped eating meat after stroking a lamb at a petting zoo. With the help of Apu, Paul and Linda McCartney, she committed to vegetarianism.

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Top 10 veggie film titles

Not that we haven’t got much work to do or anything, but we’ve been wondering what the world would be like if vegetarians took over the film-making industry…

planet of the grapes

These are our current favourite veggie films. Can you work out which titles we’ve been messing about with? Ask a sensible adult if you’re stuck… (if they can’t help and you simply must know the answers just send us an e-mail!)

1.  The King's Peach (new entry!)
2.  Lord of the Onion Rings (1)
3. The Quorn Identity (new entry!)
4. Haricot Potter and the Half Blood Quince (3)
5.  Rice Age (2)
6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Mushroom(8)
7. Raiders of the Lost Quark (new entry!)
8. Fruity and the Beast (6)
9. Dial M for Melokhia (new entry!)
10. Planet of the Grapes(7)

Think you can do any better…? E-mail any suggestions to

Previous and other entries  include...

Souperman, The Muesli Brothers, The Butternut Squash Effect, Seitan Place, Cool Hand Leek, Mad Flax, The Grape Escape, Mrs Sproutfire, Pirates of the Carob Bean, Run Granola Run, The Silence of the Yams, The Podfather, There's Something About Dairy, Full Lentil Jacket, Petit Pois Dogs, Meatless In Seattle, Barley and Me, Swedey Pod, Cheesy Rider, Quorn of the Dead, Lentil, Tofu Panda,cool hand leekWho Ate Roger Rabbit?, Quorn Free, Bean Girls, The Cobfather, Erin Broccoli, Mushroom With A View, Soy Story, You Only Live Rice, Olive and Let Die, Oatlahoma, The Vegemitey Ducks, The Jersey Royal Tenenbaums, Casino Jersey Royal, Scone With The Wind and The Corn Ultimatum.


For National Vegetarian Week 2010 Vegetarian Society members, followers on Twitter and members of our Facebook group were asked to come up with their own Top Ten films...

  1. The Taking of Melon 123
  2. 28 Leeks Later 
  3. Broccoli-back Mountain 
  4. The Men Who Stare at Oats 
  5. Texas Coleslaw Massacre 
  6. A View to a Dill 
  7. The Man With the Golden Delicious 
  8. Cherry Maguire 
  9. One Flew Over the Couscous Nest 
  10. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Falafels



One young veggie has taken this to another level and sent us a top ten of veggie song titles by his music hero.

John Lennon's Vegetarian Top 10
  1. Gherkin Class Hero
  2. Give Peas A Chance
  3. Instant Korma
  4. The Salad Of John and Yoko
  5. Dear Cocoa
  6. I Am The Walnut
  7. Cold Tofurky
  8. Beautiful Soy
  9. Jealous Puy
  10. Power to The Pea Pod

Can you think of any new entries? Send us an email.


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