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It’s a serious choice to make but, as well as making you feel good, being veggie can be fun. Vegetarians definitely enjoy all the good things in life too. But do you know how many veggies it takes to change a lightbulb? Two. One to hold the bulb and the other to check the box for the ingredients.

If you fancy a little bit of fun, see if you can come up with any new veggie-related film titles or maybe make some additions to our light-hearted A-Z of vegetarianism.

Take a look at our veggie video and for young children we've got the fun corner with colouring and counting activities.

If you're looking for somewhere for your next fun holiday, then look no further than our holiday reviews section; and if you've been somewhere interesting yourself, why not write a review for us?

If trivia is your thing, then check out 10 things about... and see if you can spot the 'untruths'!

And if you're looking to make new veggie friends why not try joining one of our penpal lists.

Why did the tofu cross the road? To prove that it wasn’t chicken!

Well, it made us laugh…have fun. And make sure you let us know if you hear any good, new veggie jokes!

Maze game

Click on the yellow square to start. See if you can get the yellow square to the red square using your arrow keys. You can alter the difficulty of the maze using the controls to the right of the game. 


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