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This page is for you to showcase your pictures, photos, movies .... or anything else creative that has a link to vegetarianism.

If you would like to have your work displayed here, please send it to

We cannot guarantee to use all creative work we are sent but will acknowledge everything we receive. 

National Vegetarian Week 2012 young veggie writing competition

We were overwhelmed by the large number of amazing entries we recieved  this year during our annual young veggie NVW competition. Choosing the final winners was incredibly hard for the judging panel because of the overall  high standard of the entries. Here is just a small selection:

arrowWinner Yr 9+ and Overall winner Grace's article 'The view of a sheep' pdf icon

arrowWinner Yr 7-8 Yasoda Rajaram's article 'Vegetarianism -  mainly focusing on religion' pdf icon

arrowWinner Yr 5-6 Ceri Jones' article 'The pro's of being a vegetarian'pdf icon

arrowRunner up Yr 9+ Liv Carmody's recipe for a  'Breakfast butty'pdf icon

arrowRunner up Yr 5-6 Woody Collins' pamphlet promoting vegetarianismpdf icon


Winner Yrs 1-2

Daniel Beesley - Winner Yr 1-2


 Winner Yr 3-4

Josephine Callan - Winner Yr 3-4

 Runner up Yrs 1-2

Clara Salt - Runner up Yr 1-2

 Runner up Yrs 1-2

Finty Woolf - Runner up Yr 1-2

 Runner up Yr 3-4

Maisie Craddock - Runner up Yr 3-4

 Runner up Yr 7-8

Kristina Fuller - Runner up Yr 7-8


Calling all young veggie film makers!Clapperboard

If you’re a student involved in making films and are struggling to find a decent soundtrack to accompany them, it might be worth having a look at Moby's website

Here you’ll find music from Moby that is available to all independent and non-profit filmmakers, film students, and anyone in need of free music for their independent, non-profit film, video, or short. If you want to use any of the music in a commercial film or short then you can also apply for an easy license, with any money that's generated being given to the Humane Society in the US.


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