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Fishconceptions cardsWhether you are concerned for animal welfare or simply fed up with being offered tuna mayonnaise, you might want to join in with our fish campaign. It has been developed in response to the experience of many vegetarians who have been forced to turn down fish or other seafood served to them as a 'vegetarian' option.

Handy wallet-sized Fishy Business cards have been designed to help inform both caterers and fish-eaters of the myth surrounding fish and vegetarianism.

Fish Free Friday Logo

Fish free fridays

Mastered Meat-Free Mondays? It’s a great campaign, but is one day a week enough?

Go one better, with Fish Free Fridays


Parmesan Campaign

Parmesan has to be made using calf rennet and is definitely not suitable for vegetarians!

Say Cheese cardsWe’ve produced a set of small "Say Cheese!" cards which can be given to shops, cafes and restaurants that are using Parmesan in their products. These cards explain that Parmesan isn’t vegetarian and suggests alternatives to keep their veggie customers happy.

If you have distributed any Say Cheese cards please tell us who you've given/sent them to and what response you had. Email:

There are currently two veggie alternatives to Parmesan approved by the Vegetarian Society: Bookham’s Not Just a Pasta Cheese and Parmazano.

If you’re really into cheese you can find out more information from our fact sheet.


Just Desserts

Just Desserts Campaign Cards

If you ever find yourself in a restaurant or cafe that doesn't label whether their puddings are suitable for vegetarians, or even labels them misleadingly, then perhaps they would like one of our Just Dessert cards!




The Butcher’s Cat

Butcher's cat logo

No more pussy-footing around, the Butcher’s Cat, our new animal welfare campaign, has been officially launched! The cat is definitely out of the bag.

Free campaign postcards and posters can be downloaded from the “free stuff” section of

Our YouTube channel will be hosting light-hearted, thought-provoking short films, including our latest release – “Cooking Kitty”, which is directly related to the Butcher’s Cat campaign.


Cover of Why It's Green resourceEnvironment Campaign

Our environment campaign focuses on the ways that vegetarianism can help reduce your environmental impact. By not eating meat you can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help conserve water and also help land conservation.

To find out more visit our environment page, download a pdf of Why it's green to go vegetarian, or order free campaign resources.


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